Tenacity Brewing

Cherry Bomb - Hard Cider with Michigan tart cherry juice and brown sugar. 7%

Bone Dry - Hard Cider brewed with 100% Michigan apples. 7%

Strawberry Blonde - Sweet Strawberry Blonde. 4.8%%

Farmers Daughter - Our flagship Midwest IPA that is the perfect balance of malts and hops. 7.1%

Citra - A refreshing pale ale that still lets the citra hops shine through. 5.2%

Amarillo - Crisp IPL with Amarillo hops. 5.5%

Triumph - A smooth, light and refreshing blonde ale made with Triumph hops. 4.1%

Cherry Spritz - Mead made from Jim Whithers Homey and TC Cherries. 6%

Woolen Mill - Milk stout with chocolate malts and lactose. 5.6%

Kama Lutra - Pilsner made with Lutra yeast. 6%

Honey Blu Blu - Blueberry and Honey Apple Cider. 7%

J.P.’s Juice - Juicy IPA made with Citra, Mosaic, and Galaxy hops. 6.2%

Nitro Cold Brew - Made from our house roasted Costa Rican coffee. Silky smooth mouthfeel and a medium roast. 0%

Root Beer - Sweet root beer with a touch of vanilla bean. 0%

Kombucha - Fermented Tea with Pineapple and Orange. 0%

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