Tenacity Brewing

Honey Blu Blu - Hard cider with generous additions of local honey and blueberries. Our top seller. 7%

Cherry Bomb - Hard Cider with Michigan tart cherry juice and a touch brown sugar. 7%

Coffee Cider - Hard cider steeped in roasted coffee from Nicaragua with a bit of brown sugar. 7%

Bone Dry Cider - 100% Michigan apples make for a crisp, dry cider. 7%

Third Shift IPA - Malted barley from Motor City Malt in Detroit and hops from Top Hops Farm in Goodrich make up beefed up version of our Second Shift IPA. 6.3%

Little Sister IPA - Lighter, hoppier version of the popular Farmers Daughter. 4%

Trap Queen IPA - A straightforward IPA with brewed with honey to give it a sweet finish. 6.7%

Bombshell Blonde - This is our best blonde yet. Very easy drinking and refreshing. 4.5%

Solstice - Formally winter solstice but due to lockdown we couldn’t make the deadline. This spiced ale is has just enough spruce tips and nutmeg to make it aromatic and refreshing. 4.2%

Brown Eyed Girl - This brown is a malt forward beer with a medium body and just a hint of sweetness. 4.3%

Sassy Lassie - Roasty, sweet and sassy Scotch Ale. 6%

Woolen Mill - An amazingly smooth Stout brewed with chocolate malts and lactose. 4%

Nitro Cold Brew - Made from our house roasted Nicaraguan coffee. Silky smooth mouthfeel and a medium roast level. 0%

Cranberry Kombucha - Green tea kombucha with Cranberry added after fermentation. 0%

Root Beer - Sweet root beer with a touch of vanilla bean. 0%


Smoked Chicken - Chicken, green onion, monterey jack cheese and bacon.

Mushroom - Baby Portobello mushrooms, Monterey Jack, feta, raisins, rosemary and thyme.

Firehouse Chicken - Chicken, monterey jack cheese, Blu Cheese and hot sauce.

Chorizo - Chorizo, potato and Monterey Jack cheese.

Each empanada comes with your choice of white onion or red pepper sauce. Hot sauce is also available.