Tenacity Brewing

Bone Dry - Crisp Hard Cider made of 100% Michigan apples. 6%

Sweet Coffee - Hard Cider made with espresso beans and brown sugar. 7%

Honey Blu Blu - Hard Cider made with honey, blueberries and brown sugar. 7%

Farmers Daughter - Our flagship IPA that is a perfectly balanced midwest style. 8%

Shift Change - A refreshing IPA is a very clean finish. 6.3%

That’s what she said - Light and refreshing cream ale. 4.5%

Razzle Dazzle - Blonde with raspberries. 5.1%

Surfer Blue - Wheat with just enough blueberries added for a little bit of sweetness. 5.5%

Pucker’n Up A Hartland brewing collaboration sour made with raspberries. 5.6%

Bulldog - An English mild with a creaminess that makes it as drinkable at light beer. 3.9%

The Dark Side - Dark wheat that drinks like a light. 5.2%

Milk stout - A stout made with lactose and chocolate malts. 5.3%

Bourbon Nitro Cold Brew - Made from our house roasted Nicaraguan coffee that we aged in bourbon barrels for 2 weeks prior to roasting. Silky smooth mouthfeel and a medium roast level with a very unique bourbon barrel flavor throughout. 0%

Root Beer - Sweet root beer with a touch of vanilla bean. 0%

Kombucha - Fermented Tea with fruit added to give it some sweetness. 0%